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SDS - Sections 1 and 2

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Today we start the breakdown of the Safety Data Sheet's (SDS) 16 sections. We will cover Section 1 - Identification and Section 2 - Hazard(s) Identification. To get a copy of the OSHA Brief that breaks down the requirements of each section click here.

Section 1 is the basic information. Supplier information, fragrance oil name, and mixture. Remember SDS's are different for every fragrance oil. If you have five fragrance oils then you should also have five SDS's. Not a single one is made the same!

Section 2 is amongst the top three most important sections in my opinion. Section 2 is going to help you identify the safety hazards that come with your fragrance oil and what to do if the oil is ingested, comes in contact with your body, etc.. This is also the section of pictograms. Make sure to know what each pictogram means as they can help you easily identify the hazards that come with each fragrance.

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