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Candle Burn Test Template (Free Download)

Any successful chandler will attest to the importance of dedicated testing to ensure the safety of your candles to consumers and yourself. As you know I am a huge advocate of SDS knowledge for safety purposes, so it's not a far stretch that testing is at the top of my list for this reason as well. Therefore, I have created an easy to use burn test template for candle making. It is my hope that this be an extremely useful and time saving tool for you and your success.

Why Test?

Simple. Every candle has different components that will impact performance. These components are the wax, any additives (if applicable), fragrance oil, essential oils (should you go that route - please note that extra research and knowledge is needed when using EO), dyes, wicks, container and any other decorative items. Each variable needs to be tested. This is where our candle burn test template can be useful. As you do testing, it can assist you in recording the important factors and variables of the candle in addition to recording the evaluation of the performance of the candle.

Candle Burn Test
Download PDF • 63KB

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